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Dangers Of Alcohol Of Seeking Rehabilitation Services In A Recovery Centre

The US is experiencing an ever increasing challenge of drug abuse and alcohol addiction. A simple act of experimentation may plunge you into a big problem that will require a lot of money to release yourself. Seeing a great opportunity in this industry, there is a huge number of rehab centres with less federal regulation. The main intention of these centres is to make huge profits at the expense of vulnerable patients. Most of the rehab centres regard patients as goods that can be used to conduct their business. They have encouraged marketers who apply all persuasive methods to ensure that they convince patients to join their rehab centres. At the facilities, services are very expensive and substandard. Upon completion of the program, most patients do not show any signs of change. In fact some of them become worse compared to the time of joining the program. This article will delve into some of the dangers of joining a rehab program in Florida Addiction and recovery center as follows:

  • Mandatory coverage– The rehab centres take advantage of the vulnerability of members and charge them exorbitantly. If the patients have a cover, the rehabs charge them highly and the burden is shifted to the insurance industry. Lack of pricing regulations makes the centres to charge the patients highly. some of the expensive tests that are done on the patients are not necessary and only serve to raise the cost.
  • Human rights abuses-In some centres, patients are exposed to various forms of human rights abuses. Some patients are sexually abused, made to work without pay and many other complaints. There are various forms of human rights abuses in the rehabs near me including patient brokering, violation of privacy laws, predatory web practices, identity theft and insurance fraud, illegal marketing, and luring of patients.
  • Unscientific treatment approaches– one of the evils happening in some treatment centres is the use of unscientific methods to treat patients. This state of affairs may lead to the continuation of the alcohol addiction which the homes are supposed to treat. For example, some homes say that they are able to cure the problem of alcoholism, this claim is scientifically false. Alcoholism is not cured but treated. Some sober homes offer you a guarantee of 100% recovery if you join their program. This claim is false and nobody should guarantee you 100% success in the program that they offer. The main purpose of sober homes is to offer the patients spiritual, emotional and physical support that is necessary to enable them overcome their alcoholism.
  • Personalized approach to treatment-Most centres do not offer patients individualized treatment services. Each recovery case is unique and must be treated as such.

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