Month: March 2021


Plastic surgery is the process by which a person undergoes surgery intended to change his or her physical appearance of certain body parts and their functions with aim of improving efficiency and the health matters .We have five best sold plastic surgeries that are : breasts augmentation ,liposuction ,nose reshaping and face-lifting .There are several many others but this ones are the most carried out in hospitals to patients or even healthy citizen who just want to change the body appearance to improve their posture styles and their social relation to others . 

Breast augmentation is a surgery intended to increase the breast size ,fullness ,their projection ,change their shape and their position ,it involves placing of breast implants under the breast tissues ,it advantages are ; it improves self esteem of the women who pass through it , creates foundation for getting more job opportunities , developing the social appearance of person ,enhances ability of a person to wear new clothes and making one to feel more lovable and youthful .It also has disadvantages because choosing the wrong implant would cause health problems to the patient involved and cause mammograms’  complexity . 

Liposuction is a surgery intended to reduce fat from body parts like abdomen ,hips ,thighs and buttocks ,in this one may lose about two pounds of his or her body weight . 

It is good to human beings because it improves the physical appearance ,boosts their confidence and reduces invasive treatment options ,it also has a side effect in that if a healthy lifestyle is not maintained the results may not be maintained. 

Nose reshaping that is a surgery intended to change the shape of the nose of a patient ,the shape of its bone and the position of the cartilage ,it helps patients by giving giving the nostrils new shape ,reducing nasal tip ,reducing the bridge ,enhancing balance and harmony the facial features and developing breathing ability as it corrects the problems associated with deviated septum . 

Eyelid reshaping which is a surgery intended to tighten the skin and soften tissues of the eyelids ,it reduces skin under the eyelids and finesse the wrinkles under the eyelids ,improves the eyesight giving it a fresh appearance  ,reduces the number of lines and eyebags that always make the eye appearance unfitting to self worthiness. 

Face-lifting which is a surgery intended to change one’s face expression ,it does not last forever ,it’s temporary and therefore a patient needs it on regular bases ,it can only last for about ten years only ,it improves skin elasticity ,reduces muscles on face and also number of lines and neck contours .It has a disadvantage in that it increases the redness of skin around incision areas ,exposing of scarring with numbness and cause loss of hair on human head   Elite Body Sculpture Beverly Hills