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The Increase in Cases of Plastic Surgery During A Pandemic

You hear about plastic surgery but chances could be you don’t have a vivid picture or understanding of what it entails. This article is for you. It is a form of medical surgery that involves alteration and reconstruction of a human being’s body parts. It includes facial, hand, or microsurgery. The rise in cases of plastic surgery during a pandemic is alarming. 

Despite the pandemic hitting hard the economy and the lifestyles of many people, others have got a chance to attend surgery clinics with different motives. Many claims that they will heal well at home during quarantine and others believe it’s easier to recover at home too and at their own pace. 

What Would Be the Cause of Such Increase in Plastic Surgery?  

As in most cases, undergoing plastic surgery could be fired up by different motives depending on an individual, whether it be for medical or aesthetic reasons. Below we shall discuss some of the main reasons which fired up such decisions. They include; 

Adequate Time Throughout. 

The pandemic came with unexpected incidences where we could spend the majority of our time indoors. With the quarantine, people only stayed indoors. The adequate time made them get to know or learn that there could be other healing options they could opt for while still at home, probably through research. 

Home Medication 

With the lockdown phase, many opted for that since it could offer better medication while still at home.  

Some could argue that it gave them a chance to heal at their own pace. As a concern to many surgical professionals, also virtual consultations relating to this had increased since this pandemic began. Plastic surgery during a pandemic triggered many consultations from health professionals. 

Remote Work Schedules 

Working from home minimized the chances of working overtime for additional hours which gave them ample time. Also, at times one could be off work and be replaced by their fellow workers. This could not prevent anyone from working on themselves due to fear of being late for your job or working overtime. 

Human Perception Regarding Their Appearance 

With so much distance from our family members and friends, many adopted video calls as the main way to get in touch with them. However, using such technologies seemed to affect the esteem of many people because they compared their real appearance to the one on the screens which could not please them at that time. 

Therefore, this often-made majority of them get distracted in their conversations or meetings. Various psychologists have warned that visual appearance displayed on the screens could be misleading and deceiving. 

In conclusion, the spike or rise in cases of plastic surgery in a pandemic like this has been triggered by various reasons. They include; adequate time, relieving work schedules, and bad perception of one’s appearance.

Essentials of a Family Dentist

To understand the need for a family dentist, you need to know what family dentistry is, who a family dentist is and how is he suited for your dental needs. Family dentistry is essentially the dental services offered by a family dentist in all phases of life. A family dentist is a general dentist who offers oral services to all stages of life. Normally, a dentist who offers adult services differs from that of a child due to the difference in their dental structure. A family dentist just by name can offer their services to all your family members. This is because they not only qualify with a graduate degree like a general dentist but also get well trained to be well qualified and meet the children’s dental needs. 

With the knowledge of whom a family dentist is, it is clearer that it is a better choice for your dental needs. Both you and your children can attend dental services from the same dentist hence very convenient for your family. In addition to that, your child or children will not be subjected to a change upon getting to adulthood. All their dental needs from early stages, teen stage to an adult will all be attended to by one doctor. In short, a family dentist is the only person you require for all your family dental needs. 

A family dentist has the history of your dental issues. It, therefore, poses an advantage whenever treatment is required as it can be easy for them to detect the issues. Therefore, apart from convenience, the use of one doctor will be advantageous in that aspect. From the information they have, they can easily provide treatment. 

Having a family dentist helps deal with dental anxiety. This is most common to young ones and a few adults who get anxious when visiting doctors: in this case a dental doctor. Having a family doctor will pose familiarity since they will be attended to by only one dentist as well as the other family members can accompany them for, they are attended to at the same place. These will not eliminate the anxiety, but it will lessen it. 

A family dentist will give preventive measures and ensure some of the dental issues are prevented. Since they attend to children, they can caution them at a very young age on terrible oral practices as well as encouraging them on suitable ones like regular brushing of teeth and flossing. These will allow them to care for their teeth at a young age preventing later oral complications. 

Lastly, a family dentist will always be available for dental-related issues emergencies. Just by the fact that they are there to meet your dental needs, they will be beneficial in case of any emergency or urgent issue. 

Oral health is crucial. Therefore, not only having a dental practitioner but also one who can be well suited to meet all your family needs is fundamental. 

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